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Family Fun Fall Fest 2023

Updated: Jan 24


It's apple smashing season...the one and only time of year kids (and adults) are allowed to play with their food!!! Our apple barrels are now empty, but our hearts are full. This family event came to fruition (pun intended) and was successful in more ways than we could have anticipated. We hit our targets, and not just the ones in our apple launching field. Our vision for this event was to provide fall-themed activities that guests of all ages could enjoy together...without the boo's, booze, or booboo's (despite the apples whipping by at high speed!) and we accomplished just that. There were smiles of all ages, from 4 months old to 70+yrs, & everyone in between. We're so very grateful for each and every person who showed up to be a part of this special event... as stated in our mission statement, we believe ... we all have something to bring to the table. Thanks for pulling up a seat at ours!

Special thank you to our friends who volunteered to help us with set-up, photos, sign-in, etc. #grateful

Enjoy the photos & videos! If you captured any footage, please share with us and we're happy to post! Text (914) 494-9919 Email

FB @BarefootAdventures1 (messenger)

Family Fun Slideshow...

Apple Smashing & Launching Photo Gallery. (keep scrolling for videos)


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