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What people are saying...

I have relived Mila's birthday party through shared observations, pictures and videos, and have become very aware and even more grateful for all that Barefoot Adventures provided: organized and complete preparation regarding Harry Potter theme presentation, the entertainment, excitement and time and crowd management - the list (and this sentence) could go on. Thank you Sean and Tarah for your hard work and for sharing your family's passion and creating so much joy for ours!

-Mila, Kathy & John F.


-Vincent S. and family

            My family hired Tarah and Sean to run my son's 9th birthday party. From the moment the kids started to arrive at the party, every single one of them was engaged! We had kids ranging in age from 3- 13. Most of the guests were cousins, except for a few friends. I was worried the friends would feel uncomfortable since it was mostly family, but the way Tarah and Sean structure their parties, everyone is loving what they are playing and asking what's next!

   They seamlessly go from activity to activity. The kids are so wrapped up in playing games and interacting with each other. Every activity that they put on includes all ages and abilities. I was impressed with their knack for making all kids feel comfortable and giving them something to do. Even the two three-year old's, who are usually clinging to their moms, were right up in the mix!

   They played kickball with a fun big blow-up ball, dance games, and had a huge cup stacking competition (even the adults were a part of the fun!) This is just a few of the tricks in their party bags! I highly recommend Tarah and Sean to bring the fun, excitement, and help create memories for party guests to last a lifetime.


-Michelle S.
Mt Carmel Kids, CEO & Director

             I run a homeschool enrichment program and was looking to add a class for families that incorporated physical education, fun, and sportsmanship.  I found it with Tarah and Sean!

As soon as kids arrive at my program, they walk right into Phys-Ed fun class! Obstacle courses, dance games, follow the leader, guess who etc... They flow from one game to the next, and the kids don't even realize that their hearts are beating for an hour straight.

   They use a mix of games that incorporate direction following, coordination exercises, team building, cooperative learning, and practicing good sportsmanship. The kids engage individually, sometimes with a partner and sometimes in a group. It's an awesome experience for these homeschool kids to get their endorphins going in a fun, safe environment which has led them to create beautiful friendships! I highly recommend them to enhance the experience of after/before school programs, scouts, church groups etc... Kids will go home feeling fulfilled and satisfied in their mind, body, and spirit!

-Molly G.
Community Child Guidance Clinic, Director

So engaging! Truly brought the community together!

            We were looking to book a DJ last minute before a free community event hosted at our nonprofit organization, and Barefoot Adventures came through for us in ways we never could have expected! We had hired children's DJs before, but the difference with this company is night and day. They played appropriate music at a reasonable volume (already a win over some previous years), and truly that was all we were initially looking for. But oh my gosh did we get SO much more!! Tarah and Sean have an absolute gift when it comes to engaging the kids and getting everyone involved in the fun. Not only did they successfully gather the crowd together to dance to the beats, which is in itself a feat in our large, spread-out event, but also played these really fun games and competitions that had people absolutely screaming and jumping up and down with excitement (and not just the kids!). This event that we host and open to the community, and we had over 300 attendees this year from all over our area. I can't tell you how cool it was to see big groups of people of all ages (who had met literally minutes before) become teammates working together to win challenges. It was amazing.
If you're on the fence or considering other DJs for your
children's event, just book with Barefoot Adventures, this is not an expense you will ever regret, because it's truly about more than a single day of entertainment. You and the kids will be making joyful memories that you'll keep for a lifetime.

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